Who is VAHID3D the 3D NINJA?

Vahid3dninja: extremely productive, curious, adventurous, passionate, dedicated, relentless positive and autodidact. Is always eager to find out more, learn new skills and sets off on new quests into uncharted territories to explore, discover and capture new inspirations in order fuel and ignite his imagination and creativity. He believes that creativity is an infinite cycle of ideas, just like the cycle of the earth’s water.
He combines creativity with particles, pixels and polygons to build his visions of 3d arts, 3d animations and visual effects. It is very important for him to stay productive and finishing every single project he starts. He says that a great idea without realization, is as good as having no idea. He suggests that any profession in the 3d world can’t be treated just as a job for making a living, but rather should be treated as a philosophy, which must be nurtured and practiced as a way of living, because Computer graphics is evolving like nature.
Vahid3dninja approaches every problem with an investigator’s eye, who analyses the situation with a new vision to build a new tool and solve any unique problem. He knows that the massive size of the digital 3d world comes with many glitches that need to be solves individually, as every problem is different and needs to be treated with a different and unique solution.
For over 10 years he has been applying his skills as a freelance fluids dynamics fx specialist and 3D generalist and delivered 3D animation for commercials, film and TV and web. He has supplied his services to a variety of clients with locations in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Germany.

Current Location: London | Nationality: German

Hometown: Dusseldorf | Languages: German, English

2003-2006 BA (hons) Computer Animation and Design at Ravensbourne University London

Present: Ongoing research and development in Fluids Dynamics, particles and procedural animation techniques.

What vahid3dninja does best?
Water, honey, chocolate, oil, blood, mud, snow, oceans, rivers, waterfalls
Fire, smoke, explosions, fog, sand, clouds, ink, cloths
Breaking of objects, fracturing and cracking.
Rigidbody and softbody dynamics
Artist & Creator
Vahid Tehrani
Appearances from 2007-2015
3D is a religion. Since Jedi can be a religion for a while now, at VAHID3D 3D is a religion too.