The price of 3d animation, motion graphics, fluids and vfx

Vahid3d is constantly researching the current price of 3d animations, motion graphics and vfx in the CGI industry and posting the information on this page.

General 3D animation and motion graphics at HD resolution:

60 seconds from 15K GBP
30 seconds from 8K GBP
20 seconds from 5K GBP
10 seconds from 3K GBP

Fluids, particles, dynamics at HD resolution:

60 seconds from 20K GBP
30 seconds from 10K GBP
20 seconds from 7K GBP
10 seconds from 5K GBP

Visual effects at HD resolution:

60 seconds from 25K GBP
30 seconds from 16K GBP
20 Seconds from 8K GBP
10 Seconds from 5K GBP

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