CGI Services
Design with 3D Fluids
Water, honey, chocolate, oil, lava, cream ...
Large scale water
Oceans, Rivers, Waterfalls, Water waves ...
3D Pyros, 3D Ink
Fire, smoke, explosions, snow, fog, clouds, Ink moving inside water...
3D Cloth
Fabrics, shirts, dresses, curtains...
Visual Effects
Combining fluids and particles effects with camera tracked live action footage.
Breaking of objects, fracturing and cracking...
Rigidbody and softbody dynamics
Objects moving and colliding with the environment.
General 3D animation
General 3D scenes with objects and environments.
File Security

At Vahid3d Ltd, all project files are stored on an offline server and completely secure from unauthorized use, download or modification. Top secure cloud servers are available for Quicktime previews and final uncompressed downloads.